Patient Testimonials

stars“This has been the best experience of any office I have ever been to in my life. As an older adult, I thought it was too late in life for me to get braces. When I saw the before and after pictures of my teeth I was amazed at what Dr Sipkin and her staff accomplished. Her staff is by far one of the nicest offices I’ve ever visited in my life. It made me want to work there with them. My insurance is very weird and usually dental offices mess up the billing, but I never had a problem with anything here. Two years of Invisalign and I can finally smile in my pictures and I get so many compliments about them. I would recommend this office to ANYONE! :)”

Deven Devdas

stars“I recently had my braces removed and was fitted for and received my Invisalign retainer. For the past three years Dr. Sipkin and her team had been warm and inviting from the very first day. My teenage son is now her patient. She monitored his teeth for free for two years before deciding that it was time to install his braces. Dr. Sipkin, Dr. Ava and the entire team has become like family. They have laughed and cried with me, even shares my journey of finding the best Kindergarten for my daughter with me. They are not only skilled professionals, they are like family.”

Kiymara Van Duyne

stars“It seems like all of Dr. Sipkin reviews starts the same way "From the day that I walked into Dr. Sipkin office I knew I was in good hands.” The bedside manner of Dr. Sipkin and her staff is impeccable. I felt like one of the girls and not a patient. I never spent more than 5 minutes waiting and my exams lasted no more than 15 minutes and with my schedule that was greatly appreciated not to mention to always walk in and be greeted my name..... Dr. Sipkin you and your staff are my real life Rock Stars!”

Shelly Chase

stars“I am extremely happy to receive Invisalign from Dr. Sipkin. I couldn’t believe that I waited 9 years to get braces and in just 18 months Dr. Sipkin transformed my smile, resulting in my newfound sense of self-esteem and joy whenever I look in the mirror. Her and her staff are some of the most attentive, caring, and patient people you could ever meet. Follow-up appointments are super quick—you’re in an out of the office within 10 to 15 minutes. Her office uses the most up to date technology in Orthodontics compared to many other offices that I visited prior to choosing Dr. Sipkin. What’s even better---she’s smart and passionate about what she does. That’s who you want working on your teeth.”

Avinash D.

stars“Where do I start? From the day I walked into Dr. Sipkin's office I knew I was in good hands. She & her team explained everything that was going to happen each step along the way. They always answered my relentless questions with patience and expertise. Dr. Sipkin wouldn't stop until I was one hundred percent happy with my appearance. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and gave me exactly that and more. The atmosphere in the office is one of love and family. I NEVER dreaded going in for my appointments. My teeth were always something I was self-conscious about and now I have an amazing smile. I've gained lifelong friends in Dr. Sipkin and the team and I'm forever indebted to you wonderful ladies. I'm SO EXCITED! No more braces! The only sad part is that I won't see you all as much. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You've changed my life ♥!

Jazmine E.

stars“Words can't describe my experience with Dr. Sipkin and her all-girl crew in Valley Stream...she's the Beyoncé of Orthodontics! I'm in love with my smile. Dr. Sipkin was more like one of my girlfriends than my Orthodontist. She's very professional, fun and a perfectionist about her work. A simple shift of your teeth can enhance smiles and boost confidence levels in children and adults and that's just what Dr. Sipkin did for me. I will be forever grateful to Super S and her crew!

Niktoya Shuler

stars“WOW WOW WOW! I don't even know where to start. Dr. Sipkin is the absolute best!!! I have been seeing her for a couple of years to fix my teeth. I got the ceramic braces put in which was the best option for me because it wasn't so visible. One thing I really admired about Dr. Sipkin is she carefully analyzed my teeth and knew exactly what steps to take to get them exactly how I wanted it. She is very patient and very kind. Her staff has always been friendly and welcoming to me and their office is super clean and comfortable. I recommend everyone coming here to get orthodontic treatment. I’m sure you will have a great experience like I did. Oh and she always gives out ice cream after every appointment in the summer. Yayy :)

Daynel Williams

stars“My dentist referred me to Dr. Sipkin. I'd had years of problems with crowding and taking the time to address that was impossible since I travel for work. Being in sales, braces just weren't an option. My first visit was a consultation. Dr. Sipkin had me take photos and scans of my teeth. It went quickly. She told me upfront that I'd be looking at an 18 month commitment wearing Invisalign for upwards of 22 hours a day. She ruled out extracting a broken tooth and slowed me down when I asked about bleaching or other aspects of the process.” Let's take it a step at a time," she said. "You may not need as much work as you seem to think." Yes, a doctor talking me out of spending more money. That happens every day.”

“It isn't only about the treatment -- which I am now six month into. Dr. Sipkin is great with managing expectations. She's informed, pleasant, thorough and hands on. That experience starts at the door when you check in with her staff. It lasts all the way through to the end of the visit. Everyone working here is happy and helpful in every possible way. Making and/or changing appointments doesn't require begging or multiple calls. There is continuity with everyone who works there.”

“I started this process in my 40s and Dr. Sipkin was great at sharing what to expect. Six months in and she's been spot on every step of the way. My only regret is not having started this process sooner. After only 3 months with my Invisalign, my regular dentist took one look and said, "Wow. It looks dramatically better and the crowding is already a non-issue."
“Huge thanks to Dr. Sipkin and to her entire team.”

Michael Nagle

stars“From my first visit to the office nearly 18 months ago, to date, I was made to feel special. Dr. Sipkin and her staff treated me like family, making me feel very comfortable and dispelling my fears regarding wearing braces at my age. Over time, I observed that I was not the only the only one receiving this treatment! New patients, old patients, all get the love... Love is patient, love is kind...a vow made by people who care deeply. Dr. Sipkin and her staff have co-signed those papers with everyone treated in her office. She treats each patient like a rock star, but SHE is my rock star!

Yvonne McColl

stars“My son Nicholas has been going to Dr. Sipkin since August 2013. She is AMAZING!!!! When I first met with Dr. Sipkin she went over what she would be doing at each appointment. Nicholas had so much crowding in his mouth his teeth were a hot mess! Dr. Sipkin thought that Nicholas would need to have 4 teeth extracted but had told me let’s just wait and see. It is a year later and no extraction. My son’s smile is PERFECT!!!! I can’t say enough about her and the ladies that work with her.”

Nick Bruno

stars“The entire practice is absolutely wonderful. Friendly greetings when we arrive from the front office; smiles, compassion and encouragement from the professional staff and always good news from Dr. Sipkin. They have always been accommodating when an emergency arrives. We are very happy with the choice we made for our son and can't wait for the Rock Star to emerge.”

Melissa Pfeil-Schaub

stars“As a mom of three teenagers, I can't thank Dr. Sipkin and her amazing staff enough for the professional and courteous service they have provided my family. All of my kids' teeth look amazing and the process was a pleasure. It was always super easy to get an appointment and we were always in and out in a timely manner. I appreciated the time that Dr. Sipkin took with me (the nervous mom) to explain the process and keep me apprised of the progress at each visit. The office is bright, modern and friendly and Dr. Sipkin always has a smile on her face. And now that my kids' teeth are so straight, they too always have smiles on their faces! I highly recommend Dr. Sipkin and her staff.”

Susie Rodney

stars“I was referred to Sipkin Orthodontics by a co-worker whose daughter had her braces done there. I needed Invisalign. There are so many places to choose from but I took my co-worker's advice; and I'm glad I did! Great service with an upbeat and inviting environment. The decor of the office is so cool and Dr. Sipkin was even cooler! I really liked her demeanor and professionalism, as well as her attention to detail. I didn't feel like I was being rushed like I have at some other appointments. I am very happy with the results and would tell a friend or family member to trust Dr. Sipkin!

Kay Allen

stars“Dr. Sipkin and her staff are always pleasant and professional. Never had a bad experience. It is so nice to go into a doctor’s office where everyone greets not only the patient but whatever family member/friend is with that patient. Very up-to-date with technology too!! I would recommend this office highly!!

Kelly Lark

stars“Not only was I treated by Dr. Jen, my son is being treated as well. My smile is fantastic. My son actually likes coming to his appointments! Everyone in the office is always so friendly. Dr. Jennifer Sipkin is the best!!!! It has been a phenomenal experience!!!


stars“I was recommended by a friend to Sipkin Orthodontics for my Invisalign. From the moment I walked in, the staff was friendly and courteous, and the overall vibe was welcoming and professional. The office is new and clean and Dr. Sipkin really took her time to make me feel comfortable regarding any follow up treatments and other questions I had. The service and outcome were great. I actually recommended one of my coworkers and she is very happy, as well. Dr. Sipkin really knows her stuff! I found her to be detail orientated, direct, and trustworthy; 5 stars for Sipkin Orthodontics!!!

C. Dara

stars“There are not enough words to describe the practice of Dr. Sipkin. I was previously working with another local orthodontist and unhappy with the slow progress of treatment. A friend of mine had referred me to Dr. Sipkin and the rest is history. The office is friendly and professional beyond words. Dr. Sipkin is well educated and treats her patients like they are her own children. There are always smiles and laughs which makes for a pleasant experience. Her assistants are fun and happy and Dr. Sipkin is a rock star! There is little to no waiting and Dr. Sipkin is hands on with all her patients. My son looks forward to going into that office! The front desk is always polite and courteous. I would recommend this practice and Dr.  Sipkin to anyone who asks. 5 Stars all the way!!!

The Martinez Family

stars“Sipkin Orthodontics is the best place ever. They are A VERY FAMILY FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT!!! They have the most friendliest, compassionate staff who make you feel like you are at home and part of their family. A special thanks to DAWN, for the most compassionate compliment I received in a long time. THANK YOU AGAIN DR. SIPKIN AND YOUR STAFF. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS ESTABLISHMENT TO EVERYONE.”

Pabon-Patterson Family

stars“Please allow me this opportunity to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the services provided by Dr. Sipkin Orthodontics. The entire experience has been both delightful and rewarding; from the initial consultation with Tracy, then meeting with Dr. Sipkin who took the time to explain the entire process in detail, whereby providing that needed comfort bridge, then working with her really cool staff. Dr. Sipkin is standing by her brand; “To leave you smiling like a rock star.” This is evident because everything within her circle is sparkling at this time! As a satisfied customer not only do I recommend the services at Dr. Sipkin but I would also encourage anyone interested in understanding how to gain a rock star smile to check out the office. Many thanks to an awesome team.”

Marva Fields

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